Why Your Small Businesses Need a Social Media Campaign

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If you run an online business, chances are that you’re struggling with promotions and advertising. Unfortunately, that is just the way things are in the online sphere. While we do have a good number of effective and quality business models and services taking shape on the web, quite a few of them remain clueless as to how to go about reaping in customers or even create general awareness. Today we attempt to answer this question. Today we present the one dynamic tool that is the answer to all your problems regarding promotions or advertorial campaigns. Be it small or developing businesses, this one solution works universally for all.

We’re talking of the massive and insanely popular framework of social networks and networking websites. What better way to carry out endorsements in today’s day and age other than putting up ads or promotional campaigns on social media websites. Without a doubt, these portals are now pretty much ingrained into our daily lifestyle, with a lot of us choosing to start and end our days by logging in and out. In fact, in a recent survey, it was pointed out that about 60 percent of small business owners strongly agree on the critical role played by social media for their respective businesses.

For starters, let’s go over what actually makes social media such a huge power tool for small businesses and what is it about them that gives business owners the edge.

Community Driven and Focused Approach

There are a lot of things that separate big businesses from small ones, number of employees and revenue generated to name a few. Another major distinction though is the fact that small businesses are often community driven and focus on individuals rather than large groups as a whole. They need to do this as this establishes a basic connection with their customers which is essential for survival in the formative years. Talking of social media, as a consumer, it is much more likely that you receive replies from a small business rather than large businesses simply because they can’t afford to cater to every single individual in their massive consumer base.

Thus, social media becomes a great tool for increasing engagement with the customers for small businesses. Business owners must ensure that they reply to as many comments, mentions or messages as possible and always keep in touch with their customers.

Affordable Advertising

It comes as no surprise that social media as a marketing tool is much more affordable than anything else. Small business owners, who often lack the appropriate financial resources to sustain their business can thus make use of social media to carry out promotional campaigns, helping them not only in getting their promotions across to the customer but also save a decent lot of money. Although there is always the option to pay for some advertising features such as getting your ad displayed on the very top of the feed, most of the advertising that happens on social media is completely free of cost.

Collaborated Efforts

Small businesses looking for opportunities to grow can make use of another interesting strategy in order to win over customers. They can, in effect, band together or form collaborations with each other on social media and offer various deals such as discount coupons or free services on the collaborating business. Collaborating businesses though, must not be competitors or belong to the same niche as that could lead to complications, and must stick to banding with neighboring businesses from different categories.


The biggest advantage which comes with small businesses is the fact that they are able to offer personalized services to their customers. This is something that big businesses can’t practically accomplish. Thus customers tend to be more satisfied with shopping with small businesses rather than the well-established ones. With regards to social media, this personalization takes the form of writing responses and responding to queries. While small businesses generally respond to all questions directed at them, large ones often have a largely unread inbox.

Leveraging Bigger Campaigns

It is true that small businesses are expected to make it big on their own, and discover using their own capabilities what clicks with the customers and what does not. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot, from time to time, take some bit of an advantage of the bigger events and campaigns that large brands or businesses often host. Leveraging in on the social media strategies employed by big businesses often brings some pretty sweet rewards for the small ones, without hurting the overall profitability of the advertiser. A great example of this is the shopping holiday Small Business Saturday (SBS) first established by American Express, as a means of promoting small businesses and encouraging shoppers to buy small.

Social Advertising

Now that we’ve effectively established the importance of social media for your business, let us chalk out a basic plan that business owners can follow with detailed steps in order to create a stronghold for their brand on social networks.

Some Background Research

You can’t expect to win great battles without formulating great strategies. And creating an effective promotional campaign on social media is no less than fighting a battle. If you don’t have a clear plan in your head, chances are that you’ll most likely fail. Think of the audience you want to cater to. And then formulate ideas and campaigns focusing on that particular audience. You can distinguish your consumers by gender, age, profession, etc.

Synchronize Your Channels

It is important to understand that social media alone won’t do the trick. For successfully harnessing the potential of social media, you must combine it with various other channels. You can, for example, motivate people to visit your website through campaigns on social media, or make use of your blog in order to create a stronghold for your brand in the market and advertise about special campaigns. Other useful tactics include adding a call-to-action at the end of each of your blog posts urging readers to like your page. In addition, live feeds on social media can be especially helpful to share information with your viewers.

Know Your Limits, Share Limitless

Managing social media can be a tricky job to master. It requires patience and consistent planning and dedication. Find a way to include social media in your day-to-day routine. For best results, you must have at least two instances of social media management in a day. While you must start small, there’s nothing stopping you from increasing the time you dedicate gradually as you start getting better and receiving bigger results. Also, never flinch away from interacting with your customers. Always remember that it is them that you must convince and encourage to engage, which is why you must respond to all kinds of comments, feedback, and mentions, irrespective of whether they’re positive or negative.

Delve Into Social Advertising

In order to better channel your energies, it is important to delve into the realm of social advertising. Paid advertisements on social media websites can go a long way in ensuring the overall profitability of your ventures. A number of websites, Facebook, for example, offer advertising solutions specifically targeted towards promoting your content and making sure it reaches the desired audience.

Analyze & Improvise

Finally, no successful venture is complete without taking a few moments to look back and analyze the work you’ve done. Think of the mistakes you might have made and how to go about rectifying them in the future. Tracking your performance data is one of the most common methods employed to identify useful strategies and locate the weaker points of your campaign. You can do this using Google Analytics, one of the most popular and convenient traffic monitoring applications available.

If you’re looking for a social media marketing partner for your business, then we’re the ones you must contact. We’ve just outlined the why’s and how’s of social media marketing. But it is another thing entirely to convert all of these steps into actual, meaningful work. That is exactly where we come in. Our social media marketing services focus mainly on smaller businesses and work with one clear goal in mind, to take your business higher and boost revenues substantially. We take into account any and all of the inputs you might have to give and combine them with our own expertise to create the perfect marketing campaign. We plan, we work and we deliver.  

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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