Why Local Dental Clinics Fail to Attract New Customers

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Why Local Dental Clinics Fail to Attract New Customers

Do you feel your dental business is going through a steep curve? That your clinic isn’t receiving its fair share of patients? Unlike other businesses, the dental industry is active in every season, so we can rule out the assumption of the market being “cold.” So, the only reason that stands valid is a half-baked and less than efficient marketing strategy. Even if you present the best dental services in the region, your business won’t pick up the pace without an all-round marketing initiative. 

The Link between Marketing and Dental Industry

The Link between Marketing and Dental Industry

It would be unwise to separate any form of business from the line of marketing. The latter is the prime force that brings you customers and helps your business grow and flourish. This holds true for dental clinics as well. You can’t simply “hope” for people to find your clinic. You need to employ some sort of measure to bring the crowd to your clinic. Put simply, you must make the world aware of your presence. 

The measure we just spoke of is what is termed as marketing. The act of publicizing your business in hopes of attracting new clients and strengthening your overall customer base. This establishes a direct link between effective marketing strategy and the success of a dental clinic.

Why Do Dentists Need Digital Marketing?

Why Do Dentists Need Digital Marketing

Before we get you to explain the perks that digital marketing offers, let’s get a quick idea of what this concept is. The name itself explains what digital marketing is – using digital channels (online sources like social media, website, public forums) to market a business. 

Now, it’s time to highlight the importance of this notion. Someone who is not particularly acquainted with the concept may have a skeptical viewpoint towards this process, especially in the dental domain. Well then, it’s time for us to thoroughly understand as to why your dental clinic requires digital marketing –

Why You Should Care About Search Engines?

“Around 20% of all local searches lead to sales in a single day. 

“More than 80% of people prefer using their smartphone before making a purchase than visiting an actual store. 

What do these statistics tell us? It explains that we live in an age that is more inclined towards online sources and mediums. 

“Google reports approximately 63000 searches in a single second and a good share of them contains queries regarding a service or a product. 

The world today resides in the online dimension, so build your customer base, you must take it to the online shores.

Digital Marketing: A More Viable Approach!

We aren’t stating the offline marketing approach as essentially useless, but they pale in comparison to their online counterpart. It is a well-accepted fact that digital marketing acts as a major force in motivating the inflation of sales volume. A while ago, we stated how individuals are more inclined towards using a smartphone than visiting an actual shop. According to a survey, a little less than 75% of marketers agree on the importance of SEO and digital marketing. As per their experience, SEO is a more effective option to bring in clients than traditional marketing strategies. 

Digital Promotions are Pocket Friendly

If we compare the overall cost of employing digital marketing and traditional marketing, we can easily see how economical digital marketing is. For offline promotions, you have to print flyers, publish ads in newspapers and magazines, and if the budget allows, go for television advertising. This requires a lot of labor and money. Plus, you can’t do any of this by yourself. You need strong helping aid to get the task done. 

To market your business digitally, you don’t need to invest a chunk load of money. All you need is a website and active accounts on various social media channels. The content required to promote your website can be created even by you. However, hiring a specialist will get the job done more smoothly without blocking your important hours. 

Online Marketing Efforts can be Tracked Easily

In the case of offline promotions, you can never track their progress. If the advertising efforts actually managed to garner attention or did they fell short. Shifting towards digital marketing, this technique allows for some precise monitoring. You can easily follow how well your present marketing strategy is doing. There are a whole lot of tools available that can give you meticulous details on the progress of your digital promotional efforts. You can track how many likes your posts scored, how much onsite traffic increased because of your marketing, how many social media followers you earned. These all nothing but indicators of your performance. They can be termed as metrics that explain the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.     

Easy Access To a Large Audience

How many eyes can an offline marketing campaign possibly reach?  At best your publicizing efforts can only reach a few thousand people. Traditional marketing is limited in scope. But the same cannot be said for digital marketing. If you utilize its true potential, you can reach the entire globe. Trust us, we aren’t exaggerating even a bit. Google reports millions of active users in a single day. Through search engines like Google, you reach the entire world just by sitting at a computer. That’s the complete scope of digital marketing. The range of the audience gets amplified manifolds. That gives you much more room to promote your dental clinic.

How Can You Use Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business and Brand?

Use Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

Digital marketing has a fair share of perks in its kitty but merely knowing those perks won’t help your business excel in the market. It’s time to understand how you can employ digital marketing without utilizing any external aid. Before we go any further on this, you must realize that using techniques like search engine optimization, social media optimization is no cakewalk. You may need some practice with it especially if your background doesn’t share any affinity with digital marketing. 

However, once you get the hang of it, utilizing social media marketing, SEO and alike becomes much easy and manageable. So, now let’s see how you can promote your dental clinic without any outside help or big ad budgets: 

A Website to Your Name

You aren’t going anywhere in the digital domain without a website. This is going to be the face of your business. You don’t have to worry about the huge web development costs as there are pre-built easy to use website builder tools for everyone. Using these tools is extremely easy, all you need is a little practice and you are good to go. 

For instance, you can go with Portfoliobox, Mobirise Website Builder, Yola, Jimdo, or WordPress to forge your own dental website. 

You would also require a domain name to start your website. Invest in a simple and easy to remember domain name. Remember, you want people to easily reach your website. 

Develop Content

Many confuse content with only blogs and articles. This most certainly isn’t the complete definition of content. Everything that is available on the web, then be it blogs, articles, infographics, banners, social media posts, web pages, all are various versions of content. We tell you this because you need to brew every form of content. First, you need to fill your website with appropriate work. Mention all the necessary details pertaining to your dental business. You add some weight to your site by featuring some press releases and blogs. Customer testimonials are also amongst the best way of earning the trust of potential clients. 

Use of Backlinks and Online Public Forums

The content you craft should not be restricted to your website alone. There are various online domains and public forums where you can promote your business through your content. You can start by using building a strong backlink profile for your website. This can be achieved via guest blogging. You can post top-notch blogs and articles to the various article hosting websites like Medium. 

You can easily find few influencers to help promote your dental clinic for a minimal cost. As for public forums, you can construct a strong following by answering questions regarding dental health and such. Quora is a perfect place to start helping people and adding value to their lives. 

Reach the Social Media Crowd

Perhaps one of the finest ways of publicizing your business is through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are known to host a ginormous audience. Social media acts as a prime medium for communication between individuals residing in various parts of the world. Making a good name on social media can significantly bolster your online presence and eventually the sales numbers. The content requirement for social media differs from platform to platform. For Twitter, you can start with catchy tweets coupled with appropriate hashtags. In the case of Instagram, it’s better to employ various pictures and graphics. 

Whatever you post must be enough to appease the crowd of the respective platform. So, stay relevant. Also, post on a regular basis. Try not taking any long hiatus from social media. It helps you maintain your presence.

Bringing in the Help from Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketing Experts

Bringing in the Help from Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketing Experts

In all honesty, maintaining marketing strategies is no less than Herculean labor when you have to run your business alongside. It can easily rob you of your intellectual strength and stamina. 

What if someone could take care of all the digital marketing hassle for you? It sounds like a good start, won’t you agree? 

Turns out, you actually don’t have to handle all the online promotion by yourself. There are trained professionals to get the job done for you. You can also place your picks on a virtual assistant to help you out. 

How Marketing Experts or Agencies can Help You?

Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

A while ago we listed a few necessary tasks that you must undertake to promote your business digitally. This involved creating content, maintaining a website, forging a good backlink profile, creating a healthy presence on social media, among other things. If you engage in all these said tasks, then you will have barely any time left to manage your clinic let alone make any plans for expanding your venture. With an expert handling all the marketing stuff, you get more time to better handle your clinic and identify growth prospects.

Cost-Effective Measure

Cost-Effective Measure

On the outside, it might seem these experts charge a fortune, but in actuality, this isn’t the case. Finding a marketing assistant at a very feasible price ain’t that difficult. Hiring an expert is a lot cheaper than indulging in traditional marketing techniques. You don’t have to have a team of several members to promote your business. A single professional expert would more than suffice. Plus, digital marketing experts orient their efforts in maximizing your client base. This factor alone supports their relevance and their claim of being cost-effective

Saves You Innumerable Hours of Trial and Error

Saves You Innumerable Hours of Trial and Error

Digital marketing experts are thoroughly-versed with their craft. They have spent years helping businesses with their marketing efforts and along the way came all those valuable lessons. These lessons are what separates an amateur from an expert. If you are out there trying to do everything on your own then you have to replicate the same journey. Learn new techniques, try them, observe the results and take your lessons before moving on to the next experiment. If you handle all your promotional activities by yourself, then there are chances of mismanagement too. However, with professionals by your side, this risk vanishes away. You sit back and handle your patients and they will get the work done. 

Get Things Done your Way

That’s probably the best part of siding with an expert or virtual assistant. 

Do you want certain changes to your website? It can be remodeled as per your desire. Do you prefer social media posts to be designed as per your ideas? Consider it done. 

It is rather simple to understand that you get total control here. Their specialty lies in building your digital image as per your liking and thoughts. They are the digital genies if you ask us.


The digital era is an apt synonym for a modern-day world. Everything is sliding towards online platforms and marketing was no exception. In present times, a business has to accept and evolve according to this idea to survive the competitive heat of the market and that includes the dental industry. Your online presence defines the strength of your business. A weak digital reputation will adversely affect your venture. That’s why the professionals working in the domain of digital marketing are a relevant and viable force. You can bank on them to take your business to new heights through the sheer force of digital marketing.

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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