Top 4 SEO myths and the Truth

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The world of SEO is not a constant one and be it the trends or the algorithms; things just keep on changing as time passes. And as we approach the end of the lovely year 2017, many among us can proudly say that they have stumbled upon numerous SEO myths. There are plenty of misunderstandings that prevail in the market and there were even instances that witnessed click baits like ‘SEO is dead’ and many more like that. It would not be an exaggeration to say that SEO is perennial. But the serious SEO misunderstandings and so-called myths should be dealt with. It is time to have a look at the top 4 SEO myths and see for ourselves whether there is any hidden truth behind them or not.

SEO Myths

Myth Number 1: Link Building for the sake of SEO

The common myth that surrounds SEO is that you should get seriously involved in the link building process because it has a direct impact on Search Engine Optimization. Google has no link building policies and the portfolio of your links should keep on increasing as time goes by. And a good SEO service providing company that can help you to build healthy links has no effect whatsoever on the SEO strategies.

The Truth: Irrespective of Google being less responsive about the impact of link building in the online marketing industry and SEO purposes, it is quite easy to figure out that links are still one of the best ranking indicators. A site getting an enormous number of links is bound to get a higher place on the search engine rankings, provided the links are not coming via any black hat SEO practices. Link building has been, and always will be an integral part of the Search Engine Optimization strategy that your company is adopting. And not to forget, it is a nice way to get ahead of your competitors and rise in terms of rankings at the same time. If your links are coming from reputable sources, you will face no problem whatsoever and your sailing will be smooth enough to rise like a phoenix. The right SEO provider’s role can be highly significant in that as they can help you get the good links!

Myth Number 2: Clicks have no effect on the rankings.

This myth prevails because of the inconsistency of Google in determining whether SERP click-through rates have an impact on the search engine rankings or not. This fact has indeed left the online marketing fraternity in doubt regarding the validity and value of click-through rate.

The Truth: According to research and intensive tests conducted by experts, there is enough evidence to prove that clicks do have a significant impact on the search engine rankings. The results are more of a real-time thing and probably not the best practice to follow for the longtime run. But all things considered, it should be on your SEO strategy priority list to optimize your snippets for getting a higher number of clicks.

Myth Number 3: Social media platforms carry no significance in terms of SEO.

Well, well, well. This is by far one of the most talked about myths of all time. The presence of significant social media handles on the web has created an impact and the fraternity of online marketing remains eager to know whether social media has a significant role to play or not.

The Truth: Maybe, in the past, Google was not very clear about its stance when the topic of social media’s importance came to light. But things have changed significantly now. Google doesn’t deny the impact of social signals on search engine rankings. It is pretty much a green flag from Google that the webmasters should go ahead and use social media platforms for excelling at SEO.

Myth Number 4: The value of keywords.

A few years back, updates by Google laid less emphasis on the keywords and more on the value and concept of the content. Hence, webmasters deduced that the emphasis on keywords should be reduced to a minimum.

The Truth: Although there were updates that made a few changes in the rules on how the game should be played, the fact remains clear that keywords hold the value in any SEO campaign nonetheless. The search engines are getting smarter day by day and the right placement of keywords can do wonders for you.

And that was pretty much it and we are sure we have busted the top 4 myths that were troubling many. Stay updated and keep learning as it is the only way to reach the top. Good luck.

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