The Ultimate Guide to Adult SEO

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There are millions of adult websites in the world. And more are getting added to the World Wide Web as you read this.

You may be a website owner or a model or a webmaster or anyone just thinking about tapping the adult space to increase your earnings.

This post will help you succeed as an online adult business. We at have made it our business to thrive in this space and make a lot of money for our clients. The adult space has its own rules and dynamics which we’ve managed to master quite well.

Today we are going to share a few of our successful tricks with you so that you can implement it in your business and raise it to the level where you make loads of money from your adult website.

Well, this post is going to be quite detailed and filled with information; and there is a chance that you might not be able to grasp all the information at once. It took us a while and a lot of brainstorming with our whole team to create it too! The way to use the nifty information on this post would be to keep coming back to it again and again, try the techniques, and give us feedback. In this way we can improve the quality of the post and learn something new too!

Here, find a short Table of Contents for your easy reference:

Introduction to Adult SEO

Competitor Research- a key shortcut

Content Creation- Primary Focus on Adult Keyword Research

Website Optimization- a low hanging fruit

Link Building- Techniques and What Not To Do

Social Media- Using Your Creativity

So how do you as an online adult business stay ahead?

The answer is SEO; and yes it is the magic bullet that will energize your website and cause your earnings to explode. Almost all of you know this and this is the main reason why you are reading this post.

There is a great significance of SEO in the online adult space. This is because all of us in the adult sector wish to make lots of money from our online presence.

Make money by selling adult content

But only very few of us are able to make money selling adult content online. As there is not much difference in the content that we provide to our consumers and that being provided by other adult businesses; SEO allows us to differentiate ourselves from others by becoming more accessible to the end users.

Spoon feeding does not work here, period!

One very important aspect of SEO for adult online businesses which you should realize before we delve down into the details of successful techniques is that you will have to adapt them to your business or niche. While it is a much used and abused cliché, thinking out of the box is of paramount importance is you are to succeed in the online adult business!

For example, through your excellent SEO skills, your site reaches rank 1 on the keyword that you have targeted through in-depth research. However, then you decide to rest on your laurels. In a matter of days, you will find that your competitors have surged ahead and left you behind in their wake! So it is not only a matter of instant success but lasting domination that will enable you to make money in the cutthroat world of online adult websites.

Now, something on the benefits that SEO can bring to your business.

Well, SEO’s main point is that it increases traffic on your website. But it does not end there.

Effective SEO brings users who have the potential to become paying customers to your adult website. It also helps you retain them!

What point would it make that if a person with a wish to purchasing blow-dryers landed on your site? She would exit in a jiffy! So, targeting is a very important part of SEO which you will get to know in the sections that follow below, especially in keyword research.

We come to another question that will be most certainly on your minds.

Inhouse SEO | Outsource SEO

Does in-house SEO work or should you outsource it to an SEO expert who has an excellent track record in the sector?

Well, SEO is not rocket science;

But, it is not the easiest thing in the world either. It all depends on your interest and willingness to invest time and learn. Proficiency in SEO requires creativity, knowing your niche, and finding your own solutions.  So if you are a creative person who can innovate and learn fast, then you can give it a try.

This decision also depends upon what kind of budget do you have;

If you are on a low budget, then it definitely makes sense to read up, learn, practice and try to do adult SEO yourself. On a low budget, SEO solutions that you buy will generally not prove to be effective. There are a lot of fly-by-night operators in this segment; who will offer you great results at unbelievable prices. Once you make the payments, they will keep fooling you for months together. After a period of time and a lot of money down the drain, you will realize that all this was nothing but a scam. So, it is better to make a decent amount of investment in SEO and get it done from an adult SEO solutions provider such as, if you want to get the desired results.

Remember, if you spend peanuts, peanuts are what you will get in return!

For a person with a larger budget, a lot of factors come into play. The answers to these following questions will tell you whether to hire an outside firm or do it yourself or hire your own team:

What do you want to invest time in? Do you want to focus on content and other parts of the business or do you want to focus your energies on online marketing?

Do you think that you have the right skill set to learn and excel in SEO and digital marketing?

How big is the amount that you can invest- Anything greater than $1000 a month and we can make SEO work for you!

SEO Parameters: According to us, there needs to be some introduction to the lay user on the parameters is SEO based on. And that makes us come to the basic mechanics of the search engine and how do we enable Google to rank us at the top in its rankings?

Brian Dean, an SEO guru who runs the hugely popular blog Backlinko, and who we are going to repeatedly cite in the post below, has done an exhaustive post on the 200 factors identified by him which are used by Google to rank search results.

So, your SEO efforts need to keep in mind these factors and how your website can feature positively on the most important of these factors.

According to us, some of the more important factors can be clubbed under various categories such as authority, relevance, and quality of inbound/ outbound links to the website. Let us discuss each one for a bit as these contain concepts that we will keep getting back to in the course of this post.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority: Moz deserves the credit for coming up with the metric and using the MozBar plugin will allow you to measure any website or post on this parameter. Let us now come to what domain authority is all about.

Domain authority is a metric used to define the reliability of the domain as measured by Google. A variety of factors affect the authority of the domain which includes the number and more importantly the quality of unique links which point to the site, social metrics, etc.

The relevance of the page or the domain refers to the relevance of the content on your page or domain with the keyword that you are targeting- we will go into a bit of detail on this topic, in our section on Keyword Research and Content.

Quality and Authority of Inbound and Outbound LinksThis metric brings under it a variety of sub-factors which basically measure the domain authority and relevance of the links pointing to your adult website. There is also added value given to unique links from other websites to your own. We will deal with this in detail in our Link Building section.

And winning the war on all these factors is what SEO is all about.

Black Hat SEO

Now in our introduction to adult SEO, let us dwell on a hot yet controversial topic among adult marketers. This is regarding Black Hat SEO techniques. These techniques basically refer to what was done by SEO companies for a long time and used to be a fundamental part of SEO. What we are referring to here is the strategy of buying thousands of links and using these to increase your website’s’ rankings.

The question is whether or not do you employ methods referred to as ‘Black Hat SEO’?

The adult business has its shady bits, as not everything here is lawful and everyone here is willing to game the system a bit. So Black Hat SEO is considered legitimate by many in our sphere. And if it achieves results, then we don’t think that there is any issue in that.

One piece of advice for all those venturing into black hat SEO techniques; do it through an experienced agency. Do not think of doing it alone as it is like riding a tiger. You will not know when to get out! The agency guys have a bit more experience in this field; and they might have gotten away with it as all of us have at some point of time.

Some of the techniques involved in Black Hat SEO are link building wheels; and use of money to get thousands of backlinks to your site. These might still enable you to get that temporary increase in your rankings. If you are out to make a quick buck then something such as a Private Blog Network (PBN) might also be of interest to you.

But, but, but;

Google has gotten smarter over the years and many updates and a lot of head scratching later, Black Hat SEO techniques now are not worth your time and money. Google is quick to catch these and it is hard to recover your website after a Google Penalty, as many of the veterans reading this would know! We have had some clients suffer from debilitating penalties and when we investigated the reason; we found out that they had indulged in link farming and buying of links from some shady websites; without our knowledge.

This is a risk that you as a client should take with full knowledge of how destructive it can be to your very existence as an online business!

You need to take any SEO solutions provider who promises you quick results with a pinch of salt. As per our near decade-long experience in this sector, such an approach will never lead to a long term benefit. With Google getting smarter, such a strategy can immediately backfire. So, it comes down to your choice! There will be not much mention any of these black hat techniques in the rest of the post below; as we do not subscribe to something which has the potential to destroy your business.

penguin penalty

Penalties: You will also find references to one term repeatedly in this post. The term I’m referring to is Google Penalty. It is very important to have a basic idea of what this is and then you would understand why I’m repeatedly warning you against Black Hat techniques that inevitably earn you a penalty. These penalties mainly include:

Algorithmic penalty from Google Penguin– This is a penalty built into the Google Search Engine since the Penguin update. This is applied to sites using backlinks that appear like spam to the Google algorithm. The only sure-shot way to avoid is to not use Black Hat techniques at all, and have only proper and unique backlinks to your site.

Penalty from a Google administrator– If this happens, it means someone at Google’s Search team has spotted some abnormal links on your website or linking to your site. They will communicate the details about the penalty to you via Google Console. Again you can avoid this by keeping a squeaky clean link profile

However once you get manually flagged, you can file a request for reconsideration and disavow all the shady links that have led to the penalty. Then you hope for the best and pray that they accept your request and end the penalty.

Comeptitor Research

Now, a small yet essential cheat to turbo-charge your SEO efforts.

Competitor Research– Your competitors, especially the ones doing well would have definitely made a lot of effort in getting to their current position. It would be a shame if you do not utilize their efforts and let it all go to waste! So, this is how you go about utilizing the information that your competitors have left on the table for you to take advantage!

First, make a list of your top-most competitors. Spend a bit of quality time on analyzing their website. Remember, we told you a lot of SEO is your own effort!

Using tools such as ahrefs (the free version will do!) and Mozbar plugin on these competitor web pages will give you a depth of ideas on the keywords to target, where these sites get their links from, and  how to structure your website and a lot more.

We will keep coming back to the same theme in different parts of the post, as the knowledge that your competitors can provide you, will far exceed any market research or other efforts that you will make in the SEO journey that you are about to commence.

Using a site such as Flippa can also be a goldmine of information to you. It is basically a marketplace for online businesses- owners give you a lot of information about how they set up their websites and the works. With a bit of digging you will find case studies related to your segment and lessons that you can draw from their failures.

Now let us elaborate on some of the techniques that will help you to boost your adult web business. We hope that you find them useful, and use them practically to improve your adult website’s rank on Google!

Feel free to communicate with us and leave your feedback on the technique you applied, what worked and what did not!

Well, coming to the basic building block of SEO whether it is adult or otherwise.

Good SEO Techniques

Good SEO begins with good content

There is no escape from and no shortcut for providing good content. Even the most powerful SEO techniques can get you only a short term boost in rankings. For a long term innings in the adult business, creating engaging content that your users love is the only way forward.

The first step in this long journey begins with research on what kind of content do you want on your website?

keyword research

This is where the oft-heard bugbear ‘Keyword Research’ comes in. Backlinko’s Brian Dean has done an amazing job with his KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR SEO: The Definitive Guide’

Go on, take a look!

After, you have digested this comprehensive guide on keyword research, I am sure that you would now have a decent idea of what to do.

Adult-specific research Coming to the adult sphere, once again it comes back to you and the kind of adult content that you publish. For example, does your site specialize in Gangbangs? Then it does not take a lot of imagination to off-the-cuff find out related keywords such as Gangbang- videos, tubes, girls, etc. etc.

Long tail keywords So you have done your research. And you have identified the keywords that you need to rank well on. But the competition is huge. And this like any tough endeavor will take time.

So do you keep waiting till you get the rank 1 on the target keyword that you so desire?

Well, you need to branch out. Long Tail keywords are those that might not have come up in your research but they will certainly come from imaginative thinking.

For example, think Sasha Grey gangbang Brazzers’! I know it is an enticing possibility!

These keywords have lesser competition and more importantly they are directly related to your content. They should be an area of focus and domination for you. All the search traffic in a terrain where there is lower competition should be yours. This will conversely add value to your site’s authority and make it more reliable in Google’s eyes for the really valuable keywords where the competition is going to be cut-throat.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords – a source of effective keywords A small hack that you can use to spare time and money for your business is to analyze Google Adwords for your targeted keyword. When someone pays Google good money for an advertisement and then gets it placed on your targeted keyword, then all we can do is sit up and take notice! You can easily use some of the oft-appearing words in these ads and add power to tags, descriptions, etc. These ads are designed through careful market research and after investment of many thousand dollars by your competitors! And you can benefit from this by using just a bit of imagination!

LSI Keywords
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. In simple English, these keywords are basically synonyms of your target keyword. The keyword bunch that you obtain from the techniques mentioned above (apart from the target keyword) should be sprinkled liberally in your content so that Google identifies it as an adult website. It also will help you rank on keywords which are related to your area of specialization! If these keywords are present in your content, they also help Google get an idea of what actually the content is about.

As explained so beautifully by Dean above, you can use tools such as Soovle, Google Correlate, Quora,, Answer the Public, and ScrapeBox to find out keywords; related to the target keywords that you have identified through your keyword research.

Create Unique keywords: A technique which we often use is to create our unique keywords such as ‘Groovy Gangbangs’! As we have repeatedly mentioned, your imagination is the limit here. This will make you stand out from the competition and do your own branding. Any innovation will do if it makes your content unique.

The idea here is to think like your users do and structure your content in the way that their mind can identify with. One of the ways to chart this out is to stalk adult forums such as PlanetSuzy and find out what is it that your users are talking about. This will take time and may even seem pointless but you may get your most important pointers from here. Some of our most path-breaking marketing insights have been drawn from here.

So, go on, Stalk!

Now for the meaty part- content;

There is really no substitute for good content. The more detailed the content and the more engaging it is, the higher your site will rank on Google, it’s as simple as that.

Do not be too touchy about your content- if something is not drawing traction, do yourself a big favor and take it down! If the audience does not appreciate it, it’s not worth much, is it?

Some tips on content that we can share are-

Spend time on it! It will generate the highest returns for you of all the things that you do for your business.

Use short sentences.

Be crisp.

content marketing

Long content always comes first– One example of this is this post right here! Google loves it and so do your users (provided the content is useful!).  Also, reading long, detailed and engaging content leaves your users in a state of admiration; and they’re more likely to share your content and spread the word if you manage to get them into that state of mind!

Structure this long content properly, so you do not get lost while creating it and the user does not get lost while reading it! Use sub-headings, text bars, etc. which ensures that the structure is maintained.

Use eye catching headlines– half the battle is won or lost here!

Use keywords sparingly in a way that makes sense. When you bombard your content and your viewer with keywords, neither does it make sense and Google now doles out generous penalties for the same!

At the same time, ensure that your keyword is in the URL, title tag, and first paragraph of whatever content you are producing

Be unique- use your crazy oddball ideas! After all this is the adult industry we are talking about!

Formulate a definite structure and stick to it. Human beings like symmetry- something which has a definite beginning, a body, and an end- and this rule applies to your content too!

Give prominence to your keywords– if you do not give them importance, then who will!?

Use images, banners and whatever visual content your creativity can come up with- This is especially important with adult content. Strategically placed content can skyrocket your user engagement and with it your website’s rank!

Keep updating your content– It gives both the user as well Google the right signals about the website!

videos strategy

Videos – Use of videos in an adult website is paramount. If you can create video content that is liked by the users, then you can be sure that this will have a positive impact on your website’s rank on search engines.  I would advise you to spend a lot of time and creativity on this step and try and showcase the best of your content, through your videos.

Once you have created good content, then your aim must be to leverage this content in making your site popular.  One such method to utilize your video content is detailed below:

‘Watermarks’ on Videos– When uploading any video to adult tube sites or even YouTube, you should try and watermark them and add your logo to these videos. The idea behind this is to create a brand value for your adult business. Branding makes you stand out from the crowd; and positively affects your business in more ways than one. This technique will also surely add to your traffic as your audience will get curious about your site.

The viewers are also made aware of who created the good content in the first place!

Enriching Competitor ContentThis is an important way to enhance your content offering and it comes back to competitor research. The way to achieve this is to find really viral content or posts created by other players in the adult niche. Some of it would not have been updated or even forgotten by the creator, as it would have been really popular in the past but it would be not so much at this point of time.

Identify and study the strengths of the content; and also think about the way you can improve it. Once you have done this, use this content as your base and create your own, incorporating modifications and making the content even better. This technique also called as the Skyscraper Technique’ as Brian Dean has appropriately called it; is one of the most effective out there to drive your content strategy.

Both you and us can keep adding to this list; as good content suggestions are endless. You are welcome to post some in the comments section below.

Basic Website Optimization

The first fundamental rule of website design should be that you put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and take it forward from there.

The whole design should flow from how it can add value to the visitor; and in the adult segment; mostly the visitor wants to get direct to the action; and that should be your attitude too! Website design and optimization is the area where we at Adult SEO Solutions focus the most on. This is where most of the low-hanging fruit is; and it is the most relevant area for you to work on if you are going to do your SEO in-house.

Simple, functional, and easy on the eye is the way to go for you!

Your basic website design is as important a part of your website as your content.

Some, including me, would say it is the most important part of your website. This is because your content might be world beating, but if it is not arranged in a way that makes it appealing to the end user, then it is as good as worthless!

As the old saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The quality of the website for the user is derived from what he or she sees on it.

Building trust – Trust is another crucial aspect in the adult online world. The look of the website should be such that users trust you with their data. In this, we can tell you what not to do! Most adult websites have too many spammy ads and very frequently add malware to the users who have the misfortune of clicking on these.

It is very important that if you keep ads on your website, you do so in such a way that appears natural; and not place advertisements all over the page!

Speed – One very important aspect that matters for nearly all your users is speed.

If your website cannot load fast enough, then you are gone!

This is all the more important for adult web sites and tubes. So, invest in servers and backend infrastructure. If you cut costs on this aspect, there is very little chance for your website to succeed.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find out where you stand on this parameter. A trick to not lose on this parameter would be to analyze your traffic and optimize your infrastructure to the country from which majority of your viewers are from. For example, if you find that Germans are the kinky patrons of your website; then it definitely makes sense to host your website there!

Remove ClutterAnother important part of website optimization from a user point of view is having an uncluttered clean website which looks attractive to the eye. This will reduce your bounce rate and help in retaining the visitors who have arrived on your website.

‘Bounce rate’ can be defined as the percentage of visitors of who immediately leave the website on arriving there. Google keeps a track of this and the reliability and authority of your website goes up if the bounce rate remains low. So, a great user interface also influences your rank on Google.

Structured Data:
Though not one of the major parameters for ranking by Google as of now, this can be of great help in making your content better and easier to use. A short introduction to structured data is provided by Google here.
The parameters in structured data which you should not miss include social media cards and tags, details of the author and publisher of the content, reviews, comments, etc. Here, find an excellent resource to use on structured data by Organic Digital

Landing Pages– Landing pages are a great way to structure your content around. They allow you to optimize your lead generation and marketing in such a way that actually convert into sales.

Here’s what we have to say on importance of landing pages.

Basically, every important sub-division or part of your website should have its own specific landing page so that the specific demands of users using specific sections of your website can be catered to!

The landing page must be such that there must be only information on it that is useful to the user, and it must have a prominent indicator/ button for users to either their details with you. Also, minimize navigation options on this page as you want your user to stay here!

The more the number of landing pages that you have, the more is the chance of converting traffic into leads!

This research from Hubspot clearly illustrates the importance of landing pages for businesses. Also, notice the landing page Hubspot has created for you to share details in order to gather your details; before they allow you to access their research content!

Now coming to the SEO part,

You can use some basic tool such as Yoast SEO for this and follow its instructions. Have a look at what one of the foremost digital marketing experts Neil Patel has to say on this

HTML Tips: Now we are going to list some basic HTML hacks. This is going to get a bit technical and I would refer you to Khan Academy and even YouTube for some basic HTML knowledge if you do not have any.

Remember this; knowing how a website is designed is essential if you are going to do your SEO yourself.

Meta Tags

Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Sub headings-

You can consider the title tags to be the content headings; and there should be only one. This is a very easy part of optimization and yet a lot of people get this wrong. Get your keyword in the title tag but ensure that it occurs in a natural way. It is an excellent idea to ensure that your title tag is populated with some LSI keywords, or some long tail keywords that popped up in the course of your research. Such an approach ensures that you not only are in contest for the target keyword but also are in the game for peripheral contests too; from where good monetization opportunities can also flow in.

For example: ‘Asian Bunnies: Lesbian, Straight, Milf, Hardcore’ is a good title tag if your adult website features content on Asian Girls but ‘Hot Asian- Lesbian Asian. Straight Asian’ is a poor H1 tag.

I think the above example illustrates the importance of a natural yet keyword filled H1 tag; which also incorporates other keyword combinations to ensure that you put up a good showing on all kinds of related keywords!

Try and put your keyword in the front part of the title; even if it is possible then it’s not a huge issue.

Meta Description basically refers to the text that appears when your website appears in a Google Search result. This is basically a 100-200 word opportunity for you to grab the attention of the users!

There are two or three short and simple rules for good meta-descriptions. Including your target keywords is a no-brainer; and also ensuring that the sentence makes sense. During competitor analysis for our various customers, we have observed too many meta-descriptions vanishing into thin air; and that shows a business which has not done its SEO homework properly.

Sub-headings are a much underrated tool in structuring your content. They also make it easy for Google to identify and promote good content. They are in a way less powerful than title tags for SEO but still they need to be used naturally to give your content a proper shape. Use keywords as well in these tags; these can be similar keywords or the long tail keywords that turned up in your research. This would create the possibility that your content could rank high in searches for similar keywords in addition to the targeted one!

duplicate content

Canonical URL’s, robot.txt, and 301 redirectsDuplicate content can be a big issue for your website; if you continue to ignore it. It can hamper your SEO efforts big time; as it can confuse Google and drain valuable link juice from your site.

This is where the above-mentioned methods come into work.

One of the best methods to avoid the bane of duplicate content is to set up 301 redirects from the page having duplicate content to the page that you want to rank. This gives Google the signal as to which page it should rank and which to ignore. It also ensures that your site gives a much higher relevancy signal to Google; instead of two or three pages having similar content.

The rel=canonical attribute is also another effective way for you to tell Google to ignore a page and redirect it to the page that you want to be featured on its search rankings. Moz has a really interesting infographic which explains this concept quite clearly:

Robots.txtOne of the easier ways to make your website SEO-friendly. The robots.txt is a file which tells Google which parts of your site are go-to areas and which are the parts it should not crawl at all.

This, as Neil Patel explains in wondrous detail in his post here is one trick that anyone and everyone must use. The above post explains in detail how to setup a robots.txt file, and how you can test it using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The advantage of these above-mentioned methods is that you are making it easy for the search engine to present your site in its results by giving it clear instructions. This will have a direct impact on visibility of your website on Google Rankings.

After you have done all of this, ensure that you test your site using this; Google will tell you what it thinks of the various optimizations that you have performed on your website.

Tagging Images– Another easy way to power up your SEO readiness is using Alt-Text tagging on your images. As an adult site, images are probably being used here, there, and everywhere! This simple trick will give another indexing insight to Google when it starts searching on the targeted keyword.

All of this ensures that there is really no way that Google can miss you, baby!

Ain’t we saving you a lot of dollars already!                 

Website OptimizationHere are some other easy ways to ensure that your website is ready for the SEO war with its competitors.

Keyword-Optimized Navigation– Make sure that your websites’s navigation is keyword optimized. This will require a bit of an explanation.

As Google counts only the first link on the page, it makes it imperative that your navigation buttons act as effective anchor text and are keyword-rich. So, use your imagination and move ahead from the ‘Home/About Us/Profile’ model and do something creative with your website navigation buttons and make them as descriptive as possible. This also makes the website user-friendly as the user knows exactly what he or she is going to get as soon as the navigation button is clicked.

Also, another basic common sense move for you that you should immediately implement is keyword-rich URLs not the common-place long URLs which do not make any sense to you, the user, or the search engine! This gives you another opportunity to gain brownie points for Google to rank your site higher than any of the people that you are competing against.

Long pointless URLs are such a waste of space that it makes us hold our head in despair!

The URL is a such a valuable piece of real estate as it is one of the first places to capture the user’s as well as Google’s attention.

So make sure that your URL incorporates the results of your keyword research.


Submit sitemap to Google: A standard tool and suggestion that is imperative for you to implement is to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster. Here, Google explains it best

This will make it easier for Google to index the contents of your website; and thus ensure that your rank gets enhanced.

Take care of the laggards in your rank.

Once you have mastered the art of SEO and are doing it really well; there still might remain some parts of your website that do not rank well. You have to take immediate action.

One of the steps you can take is linking them to the content that ranks on the first page of Google. This you can check from the Google Console.

This useful internal inter-linking will let you pull all parts of your content to the top echelons of Google rankings for the keywords that matter.

Mobile Optimization

Optimization for mobile– Another no brainer! With more than half of the global internet population accessing the internet through their mobile; not being a part of the mobile game is like sounding the death knell for your online business. This holds true for the adult industry and can be easily checked by you using Google’s statistics for your website.

On this aspect, it is best to hear directly from the horse’s mouth. So, first of all refer to Google’s Webmasters Mobile Guide and they also have a nifty test which gives an instant evaluation of the mobile-friendliness of your adult website!

The importance of this step cannot be emphasized enough as a bad user experience on mobile will drive away your users faster than you can ever draw them in!

If you have the budget and wherewithal, I would suggest creating a separate mobile site; but if that isn’t possible mobile optimization is essential!

If you have any issue with any of the techniques mentioned above, just drop us a query in the comments section, and we will try and assist you to properly implement these techniques.

Link Building:

If you approach this in a mechanical manner by just thinking that all this involves is creating thousands of links to your website; then you are getting it wrong.

The fundamental of link building is relationships-
with your competitors, resource pages and the like! Well, again the quality of links that you get depends on your content; if it is good then you would not need to focus that much on this aspect of SEO. Good content with a bit of push through the methods detailed below, does the job better than a link-building wheel ever can!

Links are one of the most important parameters by which Google ranks your website. But it is the quality of these links which is most important; as Google keeps on getting better on rating your website; and thus your link building expertise also needs to keep getting updated if you are to stay ahead in this game!

Link Building

How does Google define a high-quality link?

The most important part of the link building game is the quality and authority of the site and also the domain that links back to you.

Page authority and domain authority, two concepts discussed earlier have a role to play. Relevance also has its role. Basically, the factors that Google uses to rank your site at a broad level are the ones that it uses to judge the quality of the site to which you have linked.

Other things that matter are the location of the links on the page; Google checks whether your link is a natural part of the page’s content or notes whether it is placed unnaturally such as in a footnote with many other links.

Editorial links: Links placed by the owner or editor of a website also have much more power than links placed by you or your SEO agency. Google gives a lot more significance to such links and can even penalize you for links that you have placed on the website; without the consent of the owner of the domain or page. This point is especially important for adult SEO as the be-all and end-all of some SEO companies is just this method of placing lots of links, and charging you for it!

Well, it is not as if the quantity of links does not matter. Google also judges your page’s worth by the number of backlinks. But it is really important that these are genuine and not spammy.

So how do you get ready to win the link building war?

First, you need to get prepared internally. A properly internally-linked website is an essential prerequisite for you to start with an effective link building effort. This can give a significant head start to your adult online business; before you enter into the game of building or buying links.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty’s of link building some details that will help you understand link building in a much better way.

Two terms which are quite important for understanding Link Building are Co-citation and Co-occurrence. For more details, please visit Shaun Barker’s first-rate page on off-page SEO Factors

Co-citation, as the name suggests is when your site is quoted by more than one source. This basically shows how valuable a source of content is your website; and what is it worth in the eyes of others. The more you rank on this parameter, the higher is the worth of your site in the eyes of Google.

Co-occurrence is the relevance-based quotient that Google keeps in mind. It is basically frequency of occurrence of keywords in your content which have comparable counterparts in the websites that are related to your site. Both these are crucial parameters which Google considers to rank your website among thousands of competitors in the online world.

How to improve Co-Citation of your website?
You need to link out to authority websites in your niche; because that also contributes to your page rank and tends to indicate to Google that your site is a storehouse of awesome content. You should link to at least 5 reliable and known web sites for every webpage that you create.

The question is how do you identify these sites? Generally, you should be having a good idea of these websites in your niche. You should take the help of application such as ahrefs (Its Link Intersect tool is a winner!), Moz SEO tool, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic SEO to identify high authority domains which have content similar to yours.

Try and identify useful resource lists in Google by directly searching for them! They exist for providing links to providers so tapping into them is the most natural thing to do!

Before starting the link building process, do check whether there is any benefit of linking. Using an out -of-favor resource will bring no benefit whatsoever to your business.

Use best-of lists
: Another way of identifying these sites is using lists- a lot of people spend a lot of quality time in compiling lists such as ‘Best Blowjob Sites’; we request you to use their efforts in order to benefit yourselves. After all, such a good database of the best sites would be available to you only after a lot of hard hours of research!

Again I would advocate the use of competitive research to identify these sites. Use the above mentioned tools to analyze the sites of your competitors, and find out which are the websites these guys are linking from? Apart from telling you what works in the adult business, this approach would give you a ready-made list to target and take advantage of; without any large effort. This also saves you a lot of time and money; and if you are going it solo; then these are the two most important factors.

Some of the high authority websites may turn out to be your competitors too!

So, how do you take advantage of your competitors and use them to improve the ranking of your adult website?

To find out, read on..

First, contact them directly and try and make them understand the rewards that back-linking to your adult website would give both of your sites. Generally, sites of similar audience level and standing will be interested in this link trade. The real biggies will be harder to tap.

One of the other ways to associate with other sites is to help them in some way or the other. There are not many people who do not respond positively to favors. This method has been illustrated by many prominent social marketers, and is one of the most powerful yet subtle ways of link building.

The trick to this is to offer to help your competition to improve their site and services. But this is sacrilege, right? I am telling you to help your competitor who is directly competing with you for a share of the dollars in the customer’s wallet. But the adult world works a little bit differently. You and your competitors can swim together!

So try and find out any issue in their site- it may be broken links, slow user interfaces, or videos that do not work. Offer this information to them and your friendship. Once they accept this information, and incorporate it to improve their website; only then you should ask them to provide a link to your site. Chances are that they will not refuse, and voila, you are in business!

Employ this tactic with as many competitors as you can and try and maintain a database of links that you have obtained in this way; as this allows you to maintain a record. Consider this as the Godfather’s list of favors that he used to encash whenever he needed it!

This database is a very good tool for monitoring backlinks. You can also easily analyze whether your backlinking has worked. Also, this allows you to keep track of the backlinks which currently work; and would prove to be highly useful before you go in for a fresh round of link building.

Well, most of the avenues to build links in the adult space are not that reliable. But you can start with some image sites, pinning sites, etc. As you start doing this, you will slowly start realizing and discovering the more reliable ones. Some of the more useful ones from the link building point of view in the adult sphere are Porn-Chan,, Porn4free, etc.

Ping-sites: There is another sub-category of websites which are quite useful from the SEO point of view. We’re referring to Ping-sites– these can provide publicity to your adult website; and they also theoretically make the search engine aware of the website by improving indexing, and also increasing the number of backlinks to your adult website.

Here, also do not indiscriminately put your web links on every ping site which occurs to you. We are offering you the names of some of the more reliable ping sites, where you can make a beginning with your link-building process. You just have to submit your website URL to these Ping Sites and then their work begins. Some of the well known Ping Sites include Pingler, Twingly, etc. The rest you will come across as you commence your SEO journey.

Anchor text brand-building: Try and use your website name as anchor text in as many cases as possible. Not only does it help in brand building, it also clues in Google that your website name is a relevant term for the keywords that you are targeting. This also ensures that even if you get linked by a page which is not at all relevant to your adult sector, still you can obtain some advantage from that.

You also need a variety of link types to improve your search performance. A great source can be Wikipedia; though it is not a site on the radar of many adult firms. The method for this is not too tough. Scroll through Wikipedia for topics which are similar to the theme of your adult site.

no follow and do follow links

No-follow and Do-follow linksYou would have heard a lot about these concepts and a lot of people would have stressed on the importance of only ‘Do-follow’ links.

A ‘no-follow’ tag tells a search engine not to take the link as an approval of the linked site’s content. This is mostly used when someone is compiling a list, and just provides a mention of your site.

While, there is a lot of merit in trying to build do-follow links from quality websites, which endorse the content of your site or web page, no-follow links also play a role.

Remember the old media buzzword, ‘Any publicity is good publicity’– well this holds true for no-follow links as well! Even if some sites are sending some no-follow links your way, what is important to keep in mind is that these links have an impact on the trust that Google has on your site.

A site with only ‘do-follow’ links makes Google most suspicious and might lead to a Penalty.

Link building is also a process that never has a conclusion or an end. As you go on creating and updating your content, you would also need to go on updating your efforts in order to promote this content.

Adult directories/ forums
: Commenting on blogs and forums does not have the effect that it used to have, say five years ago; but it still allows you a way to create backlinks. Use this method sparingly and for god’s sake do not use anchor text and waste your precious keywords by this method. This indiscriminate use of anchor text can earn you a Google Penalty for all your efforts.

Let me elaborate a bit further. The process of keyword research involves you spending valuable time and money on researching keywords. You get what you think is a list of high-powered keywords on which you need to rank well. Now do not directly create a link from these keywords to your site. Google has started penalizing such practices, and that is why this method of building links should be used carefully. So, it is also important to vary your anchor texts. If your keyword research is exhaustive, then you can easily bring in variations in anchor text and avoid Google Penalties!

Google penalty

The ways to properly using forums and directories can be many. One of the best ways is to try and identify posts or threads which are related to the content that you have shared on your adult website. Then, focus on these threads and interact with the users on these threads, share links with these users and ask for their valuable feedback. This will add a great deal to the relevancy of your adult domain or page. This will also give the ‘social’ push that your website so badly needs.

However, as I said before that this is a highly misused way to build links and you should take due care that you do not end up with thousands of spammy back links from shady forums. This will lead to a Google Penalty, sooner rather than later; and your site will bear a heavy loss and it will take a long time, if ever for you to recover!

This is another reason for you to not get into the game of paying for links. The hundreds or thousands of links that you will get will add not much value. The reason we are repeatedly cautioning against reliance on these moves is that we have realized that SEO for a lot of people in the adult field is just link buying and hoping for the best. Well, you can try again but this method does not give any result, trust us!

Blogging– Guest blogging is another way of adding to your link juice. But Google does not like this method of adding backlinks to your website that much anymore (see what Matt Cutts has to say!).

So make sure that you blog on some website related to your niche; and there is a much higher chance of Google considering it useful. However, again you should not waste too much time on this as this is one of the more used methods and has been done to the death by many in the adult space.

Spammy or badly written blogs on some low-traffic and low authority websites can once again make you the recipient of a Google Penalty. However, if you can wheedle your way to a guest blog on some high-volume site or forum, then you are in business!

Another good idea would be to blog on your own adult website, as it is a good way to engage with your viewers and create high quality content to drive traffic. Any type of good quality and original content that you add to your website or online business is always going to help you. Blogging is a sure-shot way to drive user interaction and getting to know what they actually want. So, it would be highly beneficial to you to start blogging if you have not already!

Sharing Infographics or Animated Content– It is commonly known that your users respond much better to visual content than just text. So you should leverage this to add to the popularity of your site. This method also reduces the ‘bounce rate’ and keeps users on your adult website.

Build useful infographics or other visual content, which can be shared on other sites. If the content you create is found useful by a large amount of people; this will create ample opportunity for an amazing growth in organic traffic. However, if you want to purchase such content from outside; these are quite costly and can prove to be out of budget for most small website owners.

Adult affiliate marketing– One way of making money and adding to the traffic of your adult web business is affiliate marketing. You can join an adult affiliate such as crakrevenue and an adult ad website such as to promote adult offerings of other players through your website; and earn some easy money through it.

The advantage that such a ploy would give to your SEO efforts is that would act as an extra ingredient to the link juice that your site generates by creating more inbound and outbound links from your website. Also, these sites rank high on the relevancy indicator for adult keywords and by linking to them you basically are telling Google that your site has the authority and relevancy to succeed in the adult market. The sites that you can promote include online adult dating sites, game sites and even webcam sites. So, this is an excellent method to earn some money, develop some good relations with other adult sites (for which you will drive traffic), and additionally improve your search engine rankings on the side.

video SEO

Descriptive explanations on YouTube and adult tube sitesThis is another under-used method to add some keyword juice to your adult website. Add a descriptive explanation to your videos and make sure that it is filled with the keywords identified using your research including LSI keywords and long tailed keywords. This will guarantee that Google identifies it as feature rich content and gives it the importance that it deserves! These explanations provide more ammo to Google in ranking your site. And this is a sure shot way for you to become more relevant to your users and also to Google!

Adult Tubes- a Revenue SourceWell, there are some adult tube websites such as Chaturbate and iFriends where you can upload a lot of your adult videos to drive traffic to your website. You have an additional option to create tube videos for these sites and put them on sale on some of these sites. This opens up an additional revenue funnel for your adult content.

Through these sites and others, you can even create customized paid content for your viewers, which would drive traffic even more to your website as such content will invariably be shared by them. This will also prove to be an added revenue source for your adult web business. Some of the specialized sites in this segment include Customs4U and Extra Lunch Money.

While this method is not a direct SEO method, it will indirectly lead to better search ranking for your adult website. As we have told you earlier, this is an innovative niche and you have to think out of the box to succeed and make money here!

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing– This is one of the under-used methods to build links and organically grow traffic and build user engagement. This also has the potential to provide you with a solid base of backlinks.

The first thing to do is to build a list of email ID’s of your subscribers and regular visitors. It would be best if these are shared by your users themselves. Thus, then the question of unsolicited emails which invariably end in the Trash folder does not arise.

Your email communications must add value to your users, and then only will they click on whatever you send them. So think twice before sending them any spam on their email!

Here, in the adult space, trust is missing between the users and adult websites. If you are able to provide them quality content and assure them of not tampering with their data, your users are likely to take a positive view of your website; and also become promoters of your adult website in their own right.

We would recommend some tricks in email marketing to make it more powerful such as timing the mails in such a manner that the customer is more likely to access it and not dump it into the Trash folder! Time your emails in such a way that they reach your customers when they have some spare time such as late afternoon and evening. This can be especially beneficial for adult content; as your customers are more likely to use and appreciate your content in their leisure time.

Social Media

Go Social!

Social media has been the in-thing among internet marketers for at least the past 10 years. For adult online businesses, it is a slightly more difficult issue. The problem at hand is how to effectively leverage social media to drive traffic; and that too when users hesitate to share things related to adult content on social media. The adult space is a private affair for most users; and cracking the social media puzzle is something only a few adult marketers have been able to achieve.

Socially-linked adult website
One of the most important things to do is to add the social button on your website which allows users to share your content on popular social media sites. And do not keep it at only one point only. Allow the user the option to share your content on every part of the page!

Social Media profiles
The second thing to do is to create your social media profile on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. and start posting content. Avoid sharing adult content on Facebook as your content may be banned there.
Use a lot of humor or even satire in your posts, as this gives you more of a chance to come into notice of the various users of these social media sites. Keep posting regularly as this shows that your handle is active, and share a lot of video content, infographics, etc.

Regular interaction
– Another very important thing is to communicate and interact on various tweets and post relating to adult content with other users. This can be a goldmine for you as it is free and can gain you a foothold with users that no adult forum or site can give. Your active social media presence also provides a reference to your end users that this is a reliable adult content provider.

Influencer research: Also, search for influencers in the adult space such as popular pornstars, handles of big porn websites, magazine owners, etc. and look at the people following them and interacting with their tweets. It will give you an idea of the people who are actually interested in this content and might be interested in yours too! Then follow such people and as is the case with social media, some of them will follow back. This will take a lot of time but is one of the better tools to build organic interaction and traffic to your content.

You can also run social media marketing campaigns to share particular parts of your content and to increase the popularity of your website. Again your interaction and becoming successful on social media depends on both your creativity as well as your interest, we can share 10,000 case studies on how to effectively use social media, but in the adult space this depends on only you and how you use this tool!

Author profile on Google:
Another must-do to as part of your outreach to increase your social media presence is to create an ‘Author’ profile in Google. This will link to your Google page against whatever content that you would have authored. This is one of the ways to build the ‘trust’ quotient of your website. And in the future, it is possible that this will be an important consideration for Google to rank your website.

Well, we hope that you have learnt something useful from this guide, and have had as much fun in reading it as we have had in compiling it.

If all this seems a bit too complicated for you, then we at are more than willing to help you out! We’d be highly obliged if you would share this as widely as possible, and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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