The Importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks:

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There is no doubt regarding the fact that Link Building is an integral part of SEO strategy. There is a simple saying that states ‘The more links your website have, the merrier things are going to be for its success’, And any Internet Marketer that opts to takes the services of Search Engine Optimization is well aware of the importance of Anchor Text in Backlinks.

Needless to say, Anchor Texts are a crucial part of SEO strategies and can hugely impact your rankings on the major search engines. Even though Anchor Text seems like a commonly used phrase, its true value and operations are not understood by all the webmasters. When used with precision, they can significantly change the way that things are presented and are capable of taking you to the unseen horizons of success. They can literally help you climb the search engine rankings in a matter of days. But when used unwisely, they can have drastically devastating effects as well, the first of which is organic search traffic vanishing by the minute and the worst of all- You may even get penalised for misusing them, even though you did not intend to.

Things are pretty clear here as we can see that Anchor Text is the hero that can play a vital role in your crusade to succeed and establish your business among the competition that you face. But before we dwell into how Anchor Text could be beneficial, let us understand the conceptual meaning of Anchor Text. In a layman’s language, they are the clickable words that help to connect one page from another. It is basically the text that links some page or document from the web to your page. It is embedded with a hyperlink and the moment you click on it, you are guided to some other page linked to your website or any other site you wish your customers or visitors to see.

Backlinks - Anchor Text

Anchor Text surely plays a huge role in the SEO rankings. It is actually added to benefit the search engines and webmasters alike as it helps the former to determine what the page linked to your website is all about. And this is not it. Anchor Text used to have greater significance before the Penguin update was not introduced by Google until 2012. Before the update, anchor text was used by Google to understand the relevance of any particular website. Now that its significance has reduced to the minimal effects, it is used by Google to penalise webmasters who use black hat practices like over-optimization and spams.

Onsite SEO -Content Backlinks

For the optimization of Anchor Text in Backlinks, you need to have a sound knowledge about the types of anchor texts. Let us get some insight about the types of anchor texts that exist in order to fare better when it comes to the real deal.

  • Generic Anchors: The name talks for itself. Generic Anchors are typical grapple writings like “click here”. For instance, in the sentence “click here to get login for free,” click here is the generic anchor text that guides you to the interlinked page.
  • Branded Anchors: This type of anchors use the brand name as content. These are the most secure to utilize unless your site is an exact match domain. Famous brands and websites tend to have the most astounding number of branded anchors.
  • Combined Anchors: These texts usually involve Brand and Keyword Anchors and is considered the safest and most effective method to build a better and stronger anchor profile for your website. These are the combination of the priority keywords and brand name, for example- “SEO Services by Adult SEO Maven” where SEO Services is the keyword and the latter part is Brand Name.
  • Naked Link Anchors: These are the simplest forms of Anchor Text and guide traffic back to the site by bluntly providing the URLs. For example- The URL of your Website added at the end of the page for the people to visit it if need be.
  • Image Anchors: Image anchors are the best way to diversify your anchor profile. On any uploaded image, the alt tag will be read as the Anchor Text by Google. When you leave the alt tag blank, it will read as a “no text” anchor.
  • LSI Anchors: LSI Anchors (also known as Latent Semantic Indexing) are the anchors that are variation of your targeted keywords, say Synonyms. For example- If you own a sports goods showroom, then the LSI Anchors could include relatively similar synonyms like Sports Equipment Showroom or something like that.
  • Partial Match Anchors: When your keyword is partially present in the anchors, it is often known as Partial Match Anchors.
  • Long Tail Anchors: These could be deemed as the relatives lf Partial Match Anchors, apart from the fact that they are longer in size and include more keywords.
  • Exact Match Anchors: They are indeed the most crucial types of Anchor Texts among all of the subcategories. They are the most vital anchors that could lead to the success of your website. It is very clear from the name itself, they have the exact matching keyword embedded in them. For instance- If your keyword was SEO Strategies, Exact Match Anchors will include the same keyword in them. But in any case, be very careful while using them as they could get you penalised from Google if used unfairly.

Now that we are aware of the types of anchor texts that exist, it is time to have a look at the optimization techniques of the obvious. It can surely be a tricky move to optimise the anchor texts as it needs to be done with utmost care. The biggest mistake that webmasters make is over optimizing their website’s anchor text and it can create unnecessary troubles for them. So rather than getting penalised, you better get some insight regarding the optimization of anchor texts. Here are the essential tips-

  • Keeping it Relevant: This is the simplest idea that works in your favor every single time. The more relevance the anchor text finds to the content, the better it is for the optimization procedure. If you are offering any particular kind of service in some specific area, it is better to write relevant articles about how to find or get that service in the area.
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Branded and Keyword Anchor Text

  • Wise Distribution of the Anchors: The way you distribute your anchors is going to be a deciding factor in the determination of your rankings on the major search engines like Google. There is nothing like an ideal distribution and you should look at your website’s requirements and then assign importance to the anchors accordingly. Branded and Unique Anchor Text are the top priorities of many webmasters for quite some time now, so it is possible that they might work for you as well. It is also a good move to see the top sites in your line of business and how they are faring in terms of anchor texts to get an idea of how things are working for them and possibly, you can adopt a similar strategy.
  • Avoid Linking to Spam or Toxic Sites: Linking your website to other sites that hold authority is a pretty wise move as it can be the best thing you can do when it comes to link building and having clean and spam free backlinks for your website. The sites you link your website or webpage to is going to rank you accordingly on the search engines. It is your responsibility to avoid linking your website to any spam or toxic sites just for the sake of getting links back to your website. Avoid the wasting of time and efforts on such websites and make sure that your sole focus is to build links with the most authentic and authoritative sites in the market.
  • Writing Relevant Guest Posts: A few advertisers believe that guest posts aren’t valuable any longer, however, they’re still exceptionally successful for building a solid profile. The best suggestion you can get for this is writing for strong domains with two-tier links. If you are about to launch a guest post campaign, then it is a good idea to target at least 30 domain authorities if not more. The use of LSI and partial match anchors is ideal for these kinds of posts. It is also advised to write articles on relevant topics that will help you to optimise things even further.
  • Avoiding Internal Linking with anchors rich in keywords: Internal Linking is something that is always recommended to the webmasters but in any case, you should avoid doing the same with keyword-rich anchors. The justification behind the fact is that anchor texts richly filled with keywords can impact your profile in a negative way and can hamper your link building campaign altogether. The best alternative for this scenario is spreading the keywords across the link. The basic idea that will benefit is the creation of a long anchor within which the keyword will be spread smoothly.
  • Tracking your Anchor Texts: Keeping a track of your backlinks is one of the most crucial things to do when you are going through the process of link building. It helps you to determine the direction in which you are presently moving and accordingly help you to choose the path you wish to follow. Staying alert at all times regarding over-optimization is a move that is recommended again and again in order to ensure that you are not making a negative profile for yourself and staying away from getting penalised by the Search Engines. Keeping a track of your backlinks also helps you to use them wisely and this is the way you can avoid overusing them. There are many monitoring tools as well which can help you analyse and monitor the quantity and quality of your backlinks.
  • Acquiring Links from right sites: Getting links can be an easy task and needs very less effort. But getting links from the best sites that are relevant to your line of business is a whole different thing to do. The links you should get for your site should be, needless to say, relevant and should come from authoritative websites as it will help you consolidate your position in terms of traffic and search engine rankings. When you get links from the sites that hold high authority and traffic on the web, you can be rest assured about the quality of the links and it is going to help you in the long run for sure. Make it your motto to target websites that have domain and page authority higher than 30.

Keyword Anchor Text

After the Penguin update launched by Google, it may seem like anchor texts have lost their might and worth, but it is not exactly true. There are some measures of precautions that you should take in order to keep yourself from getting penalised by the Search Engine authorities.

  • First things first, it is highly advised to minimise the usage of exact match anchors. They should be contained to as low as 1 percent of the total anchors.
  • The safest anchor texts that you are most effective and can be safely used for your website are Branded and Naked Link Anchors.
  • The primary purpose of any website and the webmasters should be staying focused on organic SEO and building as many organic links as possible by means of high quality content and proper use of anchor texts.

Following the above tips is going to be highly beneficial for your website as these tips will not only help you establish good links and take a step forward in your SEO campaign, it will also make you safe and secure, making it impossible for the Search Engines to penalise you in any form whatsoever.

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