How to Share Your Real-Time Location Using Google Map Live Location

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Real-Time Location using google maps

Google helps in a lot of ways to ease the process of tracking. It enables one to share real-time location on one’s Map to an inner as well an outer circle with much ease. The consecutive sharing with relatives, friends, and co-workers is facilitated in a large way through the usage of Google Map Live Location. This advanced feature is embedded in both the modern age Android and IOS systems. In doing so, the privacy concerns are taken care of and Google ensures the safeguarding of one’s account details.

A new breakthrough by Google in the recent days, the formulation of a brand new feature by the giant techie which involved sharing one’s current position was named as “Real-time” location sharing. The feature which was initially a success with the social site of Google called Google+ was later channelized to all the Google Maps users worldwide. It is supposed to share your real-time position with others so that your position can be easily tracked.

Real Time Live Location Sharing

The launch of this new Real Time Live Location Sharing feature was made official by the announcement in the teaser news in the year 2017. The techie giant Google had successfully introduced the brand new feature as promised on the 27th of March of the same year and a parallel process of ‘being aware’ and ‘being unaware’ of this new feature started to spread among various Google Map users around the world since then.

Working Of This New Feature:

1) Proper Usage of Google Maps, helps one find a ‘New flag’ in the navigation bar.

2) Properly Click on the required flag to facilitate proper sharing of your live location.

3) To ensure the receiving of notification through a mail or a message alert by the target receiver with whom the location is being shared with.

4) Click on the link provided in the notification mail or message, so as to enter the Google Maps in order to facilitate the efficient sharing of locations.

5) This, in turn, facilitates the instant sharing of one’s real-time location through a proper notification alert in the form of a message or a mail delivered to your registered email address with Google.

6) The target person and his target location to be traced can finally be traced successfully.

7) Lastly, there’s also a time limit feature embedded in order to regulate and set a particular time limit interval as to how long the location of the target can be traced and tracked.

The Highlights Highlighted Out Of The Process:

Proper Timing:

Google maps live

1) In most cases, the default setting of timing is either perceived as ‘one hour’ or ‘until you turn this off’.

2) The timing can easily be increased or decreased as per the stable or unstable requirement.

3) The target cannot be tracked or traced in any way once the minimum time limit preset in the app has been reached.

4) The feature can even be toggled successfully before the actual time limit is reached.

Proper Sharing:

share your live location

The location of one person can easily be shared with one or multiple people at the same time. These include friends and relatives, all who can be reached at the same time. All of these can be viewed on the top of the screen. In such a case, a unique sharing link unique to the location of each target is sent to the tracker or the other persons concerned in order to facilitate effective individual management.

Being Mobile Friendly:

Mobile friendly real time sharing

This brand new feature launched as of now has been made successfully available on both the leading Android and iOS operating systems. It can be successfully operated in all the mobile phones irrespective of their processors. The ones unable to make proper use of it or unable to locate it on their phone are advised to go for a proper software update. In other words, the latest version of both the versions i.e. Android and IOS need to installed on the concerned phone in order to properly avail this brand new feature of Google.

Facebook too announced its ‘Live’ location sharing feature around the same time The Google Real-Time Sharing was launched, following which they decided to come up with one more replica of the Google feature which was called the Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’. The brand new feature launched facilitated ones Facebook friends to successfully track the exact position on a map in the trusted exchange of a permanent or temporarily granted permission.

Drawbacks Of The Feature:

Drawbacks of real time tracking

This feature just like any other location tracking software holds the grave danger of being traced by unknown persons in case the location sharing option isn’t turned off after the required use. There’s no doubt whatsoever regarding the usefulness and vitality of this feature but it can easily turn out to be a disaster if not used in the appropriate manner. To overcome this or let us say, to find an appropriate solution to all of these, the app sends regular reminder emails and messages to the concerned person once every three weeks to confirm if its the exact person with the exact location.

Easy Usage Of Real-Time Sharing:

One of the most important features of Google Real-Time Sharing is it’s very easy to use be it sending your useful location to facilitate easy tracking by your dear ones or be it stopping somebody from tracing you altogether. In both cases, there is an easy shift in the underlying mechanism of the app.

Mechanism Of This Feature:

Mechanism of real-time location

In the case of A Google Account:

1) Add the required Gmail address to Google contacts

2) Click Open Google Maps app in Android/iOS and then log in

3) Click ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Choose time frame> Click ‘Select People’> Choose them> Click ‘Share’

In case of not having a Google Account:

1) Click open Google Maps app on Android/iOS and then sign in

2) Click ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Copy to clipboard’> Sharing up to 72 hrs

In case of using another app:

Click ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Click ‘More’> Select app

In case one needs to stop sharing his/her location:

1) Click Open Google Maps app and then sign in

2) Click ‘Menu’> Click ‘Remove’

In case of seeing someone else’s location:

1) Click Open Google Maps on Android/iOS and then sign in

2) Click ‘Menu’> Choose a name or icon> Click ‘More’> Refresh

In case of choosing to stop seeing another’s location:

1) Click Open Google Maps on Android/iOS and then sign in

2) Click icon> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Hide from map’

In case of not hiding location:

1) Click Open Google Maps on Android/iOS and then Sign in

2) Click ‘Menu’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Hide from map’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Show on map’

In Case Of Sharing One’s Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA):

1) Click Open Google Maps app on Android/iOS and then sign in

2) Set and fix the target destination

3) Click on ‘Start navigation’

4) Click ‘More’> Click Share> Choose> Click ‘Share’


conclusion using Google Map Live

People Using Google Real Time Real Sharing on their mobile have found this feature introduced on Google Maps by Google really useful in a lot of ways. In tracking the near and dear ones, in properly tracking delivery executives, to manage proper schedules in this day to day busy urban life, to facilitate unknown guests and new tourists, to reach the target destination on time. If used in a proper way, this feature is no less than a boon. Though Google is still working on a lot of other improvement areas regarding this feature.

In India, this feature has been the prime fulcrum of a few startups including the transportation giants like Ola and Uber. Food delivery giants like Swiggy and Zomato and courier giants like Flipkart have also dedicated a huge percentage of their success to this feature. Nowadays, drivers can locate your position at ease, also the shortest route to you is displayed. Online delivery now is fast, thanks to this brilliant location sharing app.

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