Neuromarketing Techniques for Marketers

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Neuro Marketing

Life without ideas and knowledge evanesces. Knowledge mainly comprises of science and Practical applications. Marketing field uses practical knowledge and uses consumer behavior to make policies and production. But the results are even better when both science and practical knowledge have collaborated together.

Neuromarketing is a field where science and practical knowledge both go hand in hand. It’s a field of marketing which uses medical technologies so as to study the brain responsiveness of consumers regarding marketing. One such technology mostly used nowadays is functional Magnetic Resource imaging (fMRI). It is used to measure changes in activities of different parts of the brain. This helps in learning why consumers make decisions they do.

Neuromarketing is the application of Neuroscience to the marketing field. It is used by marketing analysts to measure the preference and choices of the consumers. In this article, various techniques of this science in the marketing field are discussed. So let’s begin…


implicit association test

IAT reveals the implicit or hidden associations between concepts. A study reveals that customers or any participant can easily sort words or images in their minds each time they are exposed to stimulus ie.any Brand logo or Package. It works because whenever our human brain is primed with any kind of image, fragrance, sound or color it automatically remembers the associations we have with that stimulus. Hence we remember where and when we saw the same image. Sometimes a particular fragrance or a scent evokes emotions in a human brain too and we start to remember our connections with that scent. It can be a particular perfume. The IAT’s can hence measure the emotional associations of consumers to different products, services, and brands that the consumers either can’t or won’t tell openly.

eye tracking

EYE-TRACKING: Eye is the most expressive part of human beings. Eyes tell everything. This technique of Eye-Tracking focuses upon which areas and elements the consumers draw visual attention. It gives detailed insight into the thinking process and the interest of the consumers. It tells about the factors to which the consumers pay more visual attention. This technology helps to identify whether specific elements of packaging or advertisement attract attention or not. The duration of the gaze can tell about the attention and interest of the consumer in the product. It also ensures if consumers draw out a negative image of the product or not. Many studies have proven the Eye-Tracking technique extremely accessible and efficient in business.


BIOMETRICS: Biometrics is a set of elements that measures the responsiveness of a consumer’s body towards the physical responses to stimuli. It tells how consumers react physiologically to an advertisement, brand, packaging or any new product concept testing. It is a very useful tool as it can reveal unconscious responses to the marketing strategies of the businesses. There are various factors of or human body that tells about the reactions and the thoughts of the consumer. By measuring heart rate, skin conductance, respiration, and other body processes.

In today’s world businesses strive to make their image in the market. The marketers strive a lot to create an impression in the consumers’ mind. Therefore it is very important to make packaging and advertising attractive. So Neuromarketing teaches these small techniques which make the marketer and marketing analysts understand the consumers better. This altogether creates an impression in the minds of the consumers and brand value of the business increases.

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