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Quirky and Innovative logos are designed here at Zac Wallace. Promote your brand in the most effective way with our logo design services.


Give your logo the qualities that others are ignorant about. Simplified design and clarity are acknowledged as the top two aspects that garner most recognition and help to establish the valuable connection between you and your customer.

The logo you choose is the face of your brand. Make sure it’s good to look at and easy to understand. Simplified logos attract whereas Complex logos repel association with the audiences.

Sticking to the basic and keeping things simple while staying firm on your agenda and delivering the message you wish to deliver is the key to designing a successful logo. Avoid design complexity and increase your chances of reaching the average audience.


The primary purpose that a logo serves is to bring your brand’s image to the customer’s mind immediately. A lucid logo is easy to understand and remains on people’s mind for a longer duration of time.

Complicated logos can be easily copied because their complex structures make it easy to make changes in this. Easy logos are difficult to copy because of their simplicity. Simplistic logos never face issues when magnified or shrunken with ease which is not the case with detailed designs as they tend to lose detailing when tampered with.

Uncomplicated logos offer the ease to be published on multiple platforms without any issues. Complex designs get typical and overpower the emotional connect that is essential between the brand and customer.

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