How To Boost Traffic To Your Website

  • May 7, 2018
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Starting a website is easy, but making sure that people visit it can be difficult. A website is the best way to put your business out there. A website becomes the face of your business, brand, product or service. When it comes to having a website, the design and content play a primary role in determining its quality. With the world seemingly running on the internet nowadays, having a website is the best way to get exposure. It is necessary to invest your time, money and effort into your website. But, you need to invest these three in the right way. How do you make sure that people are reading the stuff on your website about your amazing business and its products? There’s no point running a website if there aren’t users for it. So how do you get these users or visitors?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO may as well be the term of the decade. Search Engine Optimization comprises methods that a website can use to boost its search engine ranking. If your website is high up on the search engine results page, it has a higher chance of getting visitors and users (traffic, basically). Search engines discover or find sites using keywords and other related items. Search Engine Optimisation has become one of the primary ways to ensure the success of a business or a website online.

traffic to your website

How to boost traffic to your website

There are many ways to boost traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization plays a big role in this. Keep in mind, however, that these methods take time and need to be religiously followed. It takes the effort to build and maintain a website that can attract traffic as well as stay true to its purpose.

  1. Appropriate and long-tailed keywords

Keywords are how search engines like Google find and list out your website. It is important to have relevant keywords in your website’s content. Don’t have too much – that’s spam. Don’t have too little – that’s just useless. Choose the right keywords – words that explain the crux of your content or words people will use to Google information that your website can provide. Web crawlers ‘crawl’ through your website to index it. It is thus necessary to keep updating your website, simply to keep it up to date! Use three to four words as your keywords (long-tailed keywords). Using appropriate keywords can boost your website’s ranking on Google’s search engine result page, and this will generate more traffic for your website.

Do not try keyword-stuffing – this is viewed as malpractice by Google and other search engines and can actually harm your website’s ranking and reputation instead of boosting it! So stick to proper keywords that find relevance in the content they are being mentioned in. Use keywords in catchy and funny headings as well. This will make the website attractive to users who are seeing it at a glance (but then who will decide to stay and explore).

  1. Quality content

Content is what defines your website. It is the source of all information for the visitors. It is important to have quality content in order to attract more traffic. Your website’s content should also be relevant and user-friendly. Use keywords in your content in strategic places. Avoid plagiarism. Use a visitor-centric approach while writing content for your website. Use attractive headings as well. Clearly describe what your website provides and how it does this. If your content is good enough to clear the doubts of the visitor, you can be sure that they will visit the website again. Keep updating your website with fresh content, so that your users will know that you are timely and dedicated.

  1. Attractively designed website

An attractive and user-friendly design for a website will make it easier for visitors to access it. Your content should be displayed in an easy-to-view format, and other characteristics of the webpage (such as call-to-action button and drop down menus) should also be designed keeping in mind the ease of use. The website should be easy to navigate – this will make sure that visitors will come back to it because of the good experience they have had previously viewed it. The more people that visit your website, the higher your search result ranking will be – leading to a gain in traffic.

  1. SEO Link Building

Having other sites link to your website and vice versa shows that your website is credible and reliable. The more links you have in and to your website, the higher the chance that your website will rank higher on the search results page. Users can also access your website from the other sites that they have visited (which have a link to your site), and this will increase traffic. To get external links, it is important to have top quality content. It is also important to have links to your other websites to your main website. Link your website to your social media accounts as well. This will increase the number of people that will come across your website.

However, it is important to link to quality websites. No point having links to and from fraud or fake website. Google will list your website higher on the search results page only if the websites it is linked to are credible and popular.

Having links to and from different blogs will also help you generate traffic for your website.

  1. Share your website on social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…..these social media giants are thronged by millions of people every minute. This is a storehouse of users that can be taken advantage of. Share your website on all social media platforms, as this will increase the visibility of your website. It also makes your site more accessible. Many people can even share the website, leading to further traffic and profit for you.  Be active on social media, and let people know that your website is up to date and has fresh, relevant content.

Forums are also a fantastic place to obtain traffic from. From discussions in forums, you can redirect people to your website (as your website might answer their queries).

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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