Content Gap Analysis – Why is it So Important For Your Business?

  • April 28, 2018
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What Is Content Gap Analysis?

Content gap analysis is the procedure of analyzing two things:

  1. First, to get the attention and interest of the users/viewers of blog posts, social media, emails, etc
  2. Second, to create content of your choice.

The word “gap” used in this article refers to the separation of the present material to that of the future materials.

Reasons for Failing Without Using A Content Gap Analysis

Did you try to go on a trip to a new place without a map or without any directions? And if you miss a turn which you were supposed to take, then you are lost. You will not reach your destination without accurate information or a map.  Let’s say this has happened to all of us, many times. If you write a tourism blog, without correct information, let’s say that your blog won’t go very far ahead with this type of content. Perhaps you will lose most of your followers.

Content Analysis

Strategic arrangement of the content is similar to the above example. The better and informative the article/blog is, the more the followers will be. They would be glued to your website/blog/article and check for your articles daily for relevant and informative information. That’s how you gain followers.

Content Gap Analysis is a procedure of providing a solution to our customer’s goals, doubts and the effects of these on the time period of the procurement process and then comparing it against the content offered by us for hole or gaps in our content strategy.

It takes into consideration all the proportions of yours, even bits which are nowhere to be seen on your webpage.

  1. Emails
  2. The messages in apps
  3. Ads which are paid and strategically targeted.
  4. Marketing platforms and social media.
  5. Blog posts

It is important to evaluate the use of each platform to get the gaps and planning the most appropriate tactics to fill them in.

Customers Way To Happiness

Like you can’t go on a trip to a new destination without accurate information or proper guidance, the same way research on the gaps cannot be conducted if you haven’t jotted out the stages which are essential for the future consumers in their procurement process.

As per recent research by the Content Marketing Institute, of the various firms that make use of content marketing, hardly half of the companies say that their efforts have turned out to be productive. Most of the content marketers are moving to Content Gap Analyses to look out for, and load gaps in the content. Content Gap Analysis improves comprehensive participation by adding value that connects with different target viewers at various stages of the consumer journey. Thus providing the utmost user experience to the customer and developing a good brand image.

Importance of keywords

To accurately identify where the gaps exist, we need to place the keyword search within the stages in the consumer’s procurement process. The content which is created for a specific keyword should match the intentions of the person who has searched for it. A better market researcher adopts this as his strategy. A writer and marketing consultant at SEJ (Search Engine Journal) named Jenny Halasz had an exceptional parading on the importance of keywords. To improve her keyword strategy, she adopted the following:

  1. The position of the keyboards
  2. The intent of the research
  3. Optimizing the click pace
  4. Content gap analysis

It is very critical to understand the effectiveness of a wrong keyword to the analysis as you are optimizing the page for a wrong keyboard, this could cause a negative effect on your whole campaign.

Keeping A Check

Usually, marketers tend to give more attention to the number of keywords and they always plan to keep them high, which according to them will make the content look better and will fetch more leads.

But, it’s a less known that it makes no difference if you have a huge number of visits on your website and do not have the proper content and user-friendly environment set up according to the needs. This is the reason why it is important to arrange a whole content check instead of a small analysis of the website’s gaps.

The essential part is to understand the difficulties, goals, and doubts faced by the customers during the various stages of the procurement and searching phase on your website. You can then recheck the whole blueprint of the contents and arrange them properly so that the whole process is hassle-free. This will result in the increase of the conversion pace and the satisfaction of your customers which will, in turn, increase the value of your brand.

Why Conduct A Content Gap Analysis?

Do you want to lose your very precious and worthy customers? That too, to your competitors? I am guessing it’s a BIG NO from all of you. Because really, who wants that? Everyone wants the best for themselves. Here are a few reasons listed below as to why is gap analysis so important. Search for the correct Keywords and utilize them the right way. As already provided above and by not using the apt keyword strategy, you are at great risk of losing visitors by giving them false material. Save your worthy customers from running away from you.

You are answerable to the questions posed by your purchaser or else they will have to take help from someone which will be obviously disliked by you. Try to load all the gaps and save the hassle.

Along with the Buyer’s happiness, FUEL YOUR PROGRESS.  After perceiving and following the guidelines mentioned above, you have to consider that if the information and answers that you have provided the customers with, are efficient and good to go with the customers or not. The answers to their queries and information can be delivered to them through consecutive posts.  If customers purchasing from you will be pleased with the information and the answers that you have provided to their queries, they will eventually lead them to become your permanent buyer’s. Use the appropriate technique to tackle the situation.

Now coming to the end (which will, in fact, be the beginning of your better future in this field), all you have to do is making sure about the usage of the appropriate technique to tackle any situation that comes forth and turn the visitors visiting your page on the road that leads to your success!

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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