Basics Of Incorporating SEO Into Your Organization

  • April 11, 2018
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Incorporating SEO Into Your Organization

A lot of you know what SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, means. However, not many know how to practically incorporate it into their organization. SEO is extremely important in the corporate world as it increases your visibility on the internet. To derive successful results you must not only be able to optimize SEO but also you must work towards inculcating SEO in your company. This is the basic need for great results. While the process to do this may differ from organization to organization, there are a few things that are basic and remain the same for all. These fundamental basics can be customized in order to come up with a good team that has successfully incorporated SEO.

Make A Separate Team For Your Content

Writers are known to be different people as they have unique headspace. You would have noticed that they are different from marketers, recruiters and other people involved in the business. The people who make your content are known for their creativity and the worst thing to do for them is to hinder their creativeness by providing them with rigid instructions like “use these keywords several times” or something similar. Many organizations attempt to merge the content department and the marketing department to call it “content marketing” which honestly never works out. They are two different sets of people who hardly know how to communicate with each other which makes them feel out of place.

Create A Separate Team For PPC Which Is Not Included In SEO

Again, there are too many differences between the two even though they have to perform actions together in order to deliver results. There must be a transfer of data and information but this rarely works when they’re all in the SEO team. Putting PPC outside the SEO team will lead to better results. PPC is an acquisition team while SEO is the center for the cost.

SEO Includes E-Commerce

Ensure SEO Includes E-Commerce

The basic meaning of SEO is marketing on the internet or on the world wide web. Therefore, it is obvious that SEO must include the discipline of e-commerce.

Including SEO in the IT department has proven to be a grave mistake in the past. This is usually done so that it is easier for the person to carry out making changes in the technical aspects. However, this leads to ignoring the very fundamental principles of marketing and therefore may lead to an unsuccessful SEO. This, in turn, will reduce the content-creator’s trust and brand, hampering SEO greatly.

Try Experiment With The Creatives And The Technicalities

Ideally speaking, an SEO team must constitute of both, creative and technical members. These members should communicate with the creative department and the IT department individually for inputs. Most people are either creative or they are technical and it is rather rare to find someone who has both qualities. If you do find someone like that, they will be a lot more expensive than individual people possessing individual capabilities.

Product Vs Service Team

In most organizations, you will notice a clear line between the product team and the service team. Product teams are responsible for developing the product, packing it, distributing it and other such functions. The service team handles the support aspect of the above process. Customer service, content, branding, and SEO are well included in this. As a result of this, SEO may end up having very little control over the name or brand of the product. If you involve SEO at this stage, during branding and developing the product, your company can save a lot of money and it is easier to cut corners. To do this, you must include SEO as a part of your service team and not your product team.

Functioning Of SEO Service Teams

SEO is useful in connecting everything when things work. They assume the role of an anesthesiologist during surgery. Their role is rather important to keep things functioning.

It is important to notify and involve SEO in any process when a modification is taking place. This may be launching new products or restructuring and improvising your company’s website. SEO must be present to ensure that the team doesn’t destroy the website while modifying it. When you think about this, you understand why SEO should be a part of the service team.

People usually don’t remember these details so you must create checklists for all the process that are part of your company. You need to come up with plans and strategies and allow your company team to perform and execute them. Your SEO team must always be present to measure, improve and refine the entire process.

Branched SEO Team Structure

The above-discussed points can be structured into the following:

The head branch is your branch for e-commerce which has several sub-branches like branding, online acquisition, retention and content. SEO falls under the online acquisition along with tech and content. This is only the part related to e-commerce and there are several other branches like HR, IT, offline acquisition, etc. All these sections are broken down further.


It is a real struggle to know where to fit SEO and the above points will help you do so. A structural hierarchy is always important and that’s what we have tried to create here. While it is needed almost everywhere, that isn’t going to help you with successful results. You need a plan of action and you need it now. SEO plays an incredible role in increasing your rankings on the search engines and that’s why you need to optimize the company’s SEO practices. Optimize SEO by building up a strong team and by recognizing the strengths and potential weaknesses of different components within.

Zac Wallace is the co-founder of Zac Wallace Inc, an ingenious agency offering result oriented digital marketing solutions. He can read a spray chart and a balance sheet and has helped organizations increase their website traffic and sales by up to 3,000%

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