7 Ways In Which Users Influence SERP Rankings

  • April 21, 2018
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the trendiest topics you could come across in recent times and has everyone trying to understand it’s basics. SEO, in simple terms, are the practices and rules which are followed by websites in order to improve their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings. But why is SEO so important?

In the commercial world, the bar is set higher everyday and to reach the benchmark, businesses have to optimize their websites to increase their visibility on the internet. Maximum people prefer choosing one of the first 5 results on the search engine and therefore, companies need to use SEO to get higher rankings. Apart from this, SEO also focuses on helping users have a great experience on your website.

The main aim is to drive the right kind of traffic to your website. But how do you do that? An important factor that affects your ranking is the behavior of users on your website. By behavior we mean, the trends adopted by users while using your website and the ways in which they interact with it. Search engines like Google often observe user responses to your website to increase their efficiency as a search engine.

User engagement metrics are often not recognized to be very important in SEO but they certainly are helpful in influencing your ranking. There are a few user engagement metrics that are often observed by Google.

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  1. More The Number of Long Time Clicks, Higher is Your Rank

A long time is also referred to as “Dwell Clicks”. Your rankings may depend on how long a user spends his time “dwelling” on your site. Your rankings improve when a user spends a long period of time on your web page because that means that the long time has increased. Suppose you’re looking for a website that deals with adult business and you see the first result and click on it. You like what is listed on the website and feel you have found the main source for your paper. You go back and click on another link but do not like the data provided so you exit that page within a minute or so. For instance, if you spent ten minutes browsing through the adult videos on the previous web page, then the dwell time is longer than that of its competitor and this results in better rankings.

Google has designed its rankings to monitor these type of activities. If your website is successful at holding the user’s attention for long periods of time, it increases your average long time.

One way to increase your long time is by ensuring that your website loads really fast, is appealing to the user and is also user-friendly. An attached multimedia file will definitely add brownie points to your page. It’s been observed that Google favors pages with multimedia attachments in its search rankings. Try using different features like polls, event creation and the like.

  1. Click-Through Rate Increases Your Visibility

These are often abbreviated as CTR and are a gauge to measure the performance of your ads. Anyone working on email marketing would know this word. In SEO, CTR is the number of times a user clicks a page via search results. Search engines track which website is getting the maximum number of clicks. Those with higher clicks appear higher, which increases their traffic.

  1. Return Visits Should Be Maximized

Have you ever clicked on a website and visited it again sometime later? If you have, you would have noticed that Google mentions the last time you visited the website below the link. Return visits are those measures where search engines analyze the return frequency of users to a particular website. You can track return visits using Google Analytics. All you need to do is score a better percentage of returns than your competitors.

  1. Directions and Calls: Best Suited Metric for Local Listings

The algorithm is a little different for local businesses that appear on search engines. The most relevant information provided by them is their contact information and location on Google Maps. This makes call and directions important indicators for ranking the website. This information is used on smartphones or other cell phones for obvious reasons. The number of clicks on directions and call buttons is also recorded by search engines. If you have a local store that deals with adult toys, then this may be very important for you as users will use this information to contact or visit you.

  1. Sharing On Social Networking Sites Gives Your Website an Edge

While this may not be as significant as other measurements, it certainly plays an important role. If users take a keen interest in sharing your website on their Twitter, Instagram or other social media handles, it will definitely boost the rank your page holds. Social signals are weak as compared to other metrics but they still do help which means websites must ensure they provide these links. Having a twitter, Facebook or Instagram handle may prove beneficial. Along with these, try including a LinkedIn account for your business. It is assumed that genuine companies will have a fair number of followers or likes on social media.

  1. Comments Will Boost Your Performance

If you own a blog, then your website must definitely have a comments section. But even otherwise, having a comment box can boost your performance as a search result. Try not to turn comments off completely to avoid spam comments. Use plugins to do that, these are easily available over the internet.

  1. RSS Feed Subscriptions Might Be Important

RSS, expanded as rich site summary, is a web feed that enables users to access updates online in a very simple format. Feedburner is owned by Google and therefore, they use it as a metric for SERP optimization. Subscriptions to RSS feed are not nearly powerful as the inbound links but they still influence your rank.


With new developments taking place every passing day, the search engines become better and better, becoming susceptible to user interaction with websites. Gone are the days when keywords could be stuffed in your content to fool algorithms. We’re now dealing with advanced technology with the simple goal of providing the best results. It’s important for you to be the best in an atmosphere of cutthroat competition so use these engagement measures to improve your performance.

Adult businesses, in particular, have started optimizing their websites to be ranked first on Google. With so many similar websites provided such content, it is important you make yours stand out.

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